About us

The "Renato Usatyi" foundation was founded in 2015 at the initiative of Mayor of Balti municipality, President of "Our Party" Renato Usatyi. This is the first charity organization in the Republic of Moldova that was created to support local initiatives in cities and villages in the Republic of Moldova, to develop regional infrastructure both in the northern regions of the country and on the territory of the republic, to provide assistance to institutions and organizations with social orientation.


"Renato Usatyi" foundation's projects have always been and continue to be focused on the real improvement of the situation in a particular locality, boarding school, sports school, medical institution, old asylum, and in many other areas where people and causes noble people need support or need urgent financial assistance.


The Foundation's development prospective consist in expanding activities not only at national level but also at international cooperation. We are open to cooperation with all those who want to contribute to the development of our country, Republic of Moldova, which can help the needy and disadvantaged people in our country.