About the founder

The founder of the Foundation - Renato Georghe Usatyi.


Renato Usatyi was born on November 4, 1978 in Falesti city, Republic of Moldova. He graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Balti State university named after Alecu Russo, Balti city, Republic of Moldova.


2000-2001 - Supervisor in the International Airport of Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.


2002-2004 - Leading Engineer of food production facility of Moldavian Railways, Republic of Moldova.


2005-2015 - president of VPT-NN, Nizhny Novgorod city, Russian Federation.


2015 - till present - Mayor of Balti municipality.

From the very beginning of his active public activity, Renato Usatyi has consistently provided assistance and support both to infrastructural and targeted projects in various areas for the localities of the Republic of Moldova, as well as to specific families who need help. Initially, the need to establish a charitable foundation emerged in connection with the need to finance a number of projects in Balti municipality. Then the activity of the Foundation has been extended throughout Moldova. “I want every citizen of Moldova to be proud of the country”, - Renato Usatyi says. - My wish is that Moldova become well known throughout the world and admired by the achievements of the Moldovan people and not in connection with any other troubles and problems. This is my dream!”.


Renato Usatyi is known for social investments in charity. Indeed, over the past two years of his activity, from July 2015 till July 2017, the Foundation created by him has already provided more than 30 million lei for financial support of projects across the country.


“I will continue the policy of concrete action. I cannot be happy in a country where I am surrounded by thousands of unhappy people, - Renato Usatyi says. - During my meetings, I felt a huge pain of thousands of people and gave them hope, for many of them maybe the last one. I am therefore willing to devote my entire life to changing people’s perception about politics and politicians. Soon I will return, realizing that I will be destroyed. But as one of my favorite songs says - “I’m happy like nobody else! I’ve been happy for like 100 years. I’m happy, I’m not lying! And so I will leave happy too! - Renato Usatyi says.